September 7 - October 15

Peak:  9/21 - 10/15

To those already privy of how incredibly special it is to hook up with a sea liced chrome legend no further explanation is needed. For those ready to take the leap and find out what it's all about, welcome to the party. These anadromous Rainbow Trout are nothing short of spectacular. After spending 2-5 years at sea maturing and feeding, these silver bullets make their way back to their natal grounds to spawn starting in September. They range from 6-15lbs. and can grow in lengths exceeding 30+ inches. A fresh aggressive steelie looking for a mate is exactly the type of nitro charged fish we are hoping to have you tie into. Once you experience the rod ripping tug followed by several reel screaming knuckle busting runs you'll be hooked for life. 

36053 Dayspring Street Soldotna, AK. 99669

Tel: 907-390-0053

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