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The Russian River

Russian River Map

The Russian River flows 12 miles from the Upper Russian Lake, through the Lower Russian Lake, into the Kenai River. If you visit when the Sockeye (Red) Salmon are running, be prepared for one of the most exciting fishing days of your life. Pound for pound Reds are the most powerful freshwater fish. The lower portion, of the Russian River, can be heavy with angler traffic during the peak salmon runs. It is vital to start our fishing day out early to head upstream and locate the holes full of fresh wild Alaskan salmon you traveled all this way for. Locals don't call their flesh red gold for nothing!

If you are a fly-fisherman, this clear water stream is the perfect place to throw dry flies for rising trout, swing soft hackles, dead drift flesh, or toss a streamer. Alaskan trout are so often keyed in on where the salmon are in their life cycle for their primary food source. However, Russian River bows are happy to eat macroinvertebrates along with tasty salmon snacks. Have you been hoping to chuck a mouse pattern to a rising trout? These ravenous Rainbows will smash it! The beautiful Rainbows here are speckled with dots, from head to tail, and often have a brilliant red banded side. 

Russian River Cooper Landing
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