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King Salmon

Chinook (King) Salmon May 16 - July 31

Peak: 5/30 - 6/23  &  7/07 - 7/31

The fish of everyone's dreams live in the Alaska waters we are fortunate enough to fish daily. Join us in making your dreams come true by battling the mighty wild Alaskan King Salmon! These chrome beauties run into the drift only Kasilof River, from the saltwater of the Cook Inlet, the first week of May ranging in size from 10-35 pounds. As the season progresses, the Kings only get bigger (up to 65lbs.) and the fishing gets hotter! We use spin-n-glos and lures peppered with bait to entice these giants to jump on your line giving you the thrill you signed up for. Come chase these magnificent creatures on a glacial fed river in the last frontier with us.

Kasilof River King Salmon
Kasilof River King Salmon

Coho Salmon 

Coho (Silver) Salmon August 5 - October 15

Peak: 8/21 - 9/30

These tenacious high flying leapers will surely make your heart race as you test your angling skills to bring a wild Alaskan Coho (Silver) Salmon to the net. We fish both the mighty Kenai River and its sister river, to the south, the Kasilof River for these top rated pound for pound fighting champions. The Silvers range in size from 8-15lbs. and can truly make even the most experienced angler grin from ear to ear with excitement. These lively fish are willing to take cured roe from a baited hook, lures trolled or casted, and flies making them a perfect target for any angler. Considered by many to be the tastiest of salmon species they are excellent smoked but also make great table fare filletted fresh as they are not too oily. 

Kenai River Silver Salmon

Sockeye Salmon

Sockeye (Red) Salmon June 11 - August 14

Kenai Peak: 6/11 - 6/30  &  7/18 - 8/10

Kasilof Peak: 6/26 - 7/31

Russian Peak 6/11 - 6/30

The Sockeye Salmon better known as "Reds" to Alaskans because of their vibrant red gold flesh return to the Kenai Peninsula in epic proportions annually. With numbers exceeding 1.5 million returning from the salt to their natal fresh waters to continue their amazing life cycle, the fishing action can be better than you ever imagined. We target these 6-12lb. hard fighting silver beauties in the Kasilof, Russian, and Kenai Rivers. We use swung flies and sometimes trolled lures to agitate the Reds into striking and then the battle is on! Rest assured you will not be disappointed with a day Sockeye Salmon fishing. 

Kasilof River Sockeye Salmon
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